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Paradise Farm's premium Medicinal Hemp Extract is Coldorado-grown and phytocannabinoid-rich, which includes a variety of beneficial compounds. It is grown using sustainable methods on pristine tracts of land, then introduced to the proper CO2 extraction. This results in a pure, wholesome botanical extract of the original plant, ensuring a silky-smooth texture that tastes great. This product is a broad-spectum oil with naturally occuring flavonoids, which is a group of phytonutrients, phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and other beneficial plant compounds, just as nature intended. CBD works together with the naturally occurring cannabiniods, which bind to receptors found throughout the body. Sublingual absorption is one of the fastest ways to administer CBD Oil into the body when you need quick results from the effects of cbd oil. 

Paradise Farm's hemp exctract is crafted with care. Our high-quality CBD is pure and effective.  The whole-plant hemp extract provides the greatest health benefits. We strive to maximize the "entourage effect." This simply means that all cannabinoid compounds are working together in perfect harmony for maxium results.

Taste Great

Ingredients: C02 extract of organic CBD-rich hemp, emulsified with organic hemp seed oil, naturally-occuring omega 3 and 6, sunflower lecithin, and stevia, a natural sweetener

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I have used several CBD oils and this is the best one!!! I will not be without it...…. I sleep so much better.
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Since I started using this product a few months ago, my main goal was to get relief for migraine headaches. I was on two prescriptions for years and also took over-the-counter products to help with this lifelong problem, which did not keep me from having these horrible headaches. Paradise Farms CBD oil is the only product that has kept me from having this pain, which was sometimes excruciating. I much prefer taking a natural, safe product instead of prescriptions that may have harmful side effects as well as long term problems. Regenia L.

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