I am so thankful that I found this oil. It has helped my neuropathy and sciatic nerve pain immensely. Thank you Paradise Farms!

As a life long migraine suffer I have tried may different things for relief. My migraines are much better. I no longer depend on my daily prescriptions

CBD Oil has completely changed my life. Not only does it help me with energy, it also has helped me with my mobility. Before taking CBD Oil, I was bound to a wheelchair for everyday tasks. Now I am able to get up and get around on my own and only use my wheelchair when I go to the Flea Market...this CBD oil has been a life saver!

I will definitely will not be without this product. When I take this my anxiety and depression issues seem to disappear for the first time in years.

I noticed the benefits of this oil immediately. With taking one dose my blood sugar went down, it was always high. I felt more balanced and less pain. Anyone who suffers from MS can relate.

I have finally found relief from my sleepless nights and restless leg syndrome thanks to Paradise Farms
-Mr. Miller

I would recommend this product to anyone that suffers from stomach issues. This product has increased the quality of my life.

I’m taking the tincture CBD oil for severe social anxiety. I can feel it within about 30 minutes – sort of a body calm & clear headed feeling. It really helps me function and attend events where there are large crowds.
– Josh, 23

I’ve seen a real difference in my dog since giving her CBD 4 pets. She no longer tries to chew her way out of her crate during the day!
– Becky, 37

My mom struggles with anxiety. I see a real difference in her personality when she takes the hemp oil tincture. She’s much calmer and happier.
– Brandey, 34

I like to use the e-liquid when I am in a stressful situation (like driving in Chicago). I feel like it reduces my stress level and calms me down without any sort of head high.
– Jim, 44

CBD is my go-to any time I have a headache. One of the chews or some e-liquid usually takes care of it. I like that I can use this as a more natural solution than putting a drug in my body.
– Brandy, 37

When my daughter had a sunburn last year, I put aloe on one of her shoulders and the CBD balm on the other shoulder. The CBD balm worked much more quickly to relieve the burn and make her feel better. It was a very noticeable difference! It also works great on bug bites and skin irritations.
– Carrie, 40